Back and neck pain is a singularly insidious form of discomfort. It starts with a little stiffness, then gradually worms its way into your entire life. Pain while sitting. Pain while standing. Pain while lying in bed. Pain while moving or doing nothing whatsoever. But what causes it and how can you recover?

With neck pain, it’s often due to degenerative conditions taking place in the upper spine. Recovery is all based on the severity of the condition, but after treatment begins, more than 50% of people are pain-free within two weeks, and more than 90% of people have unrestricted mobility within a few months. Back pain can be caused by either muscular strain or issues with the disc for people between 20-60 years of age. For those older than 60, back pain can frequently be caused by osteoarthritis or problems with the facet joints.

The good news is, whatever your age or condition, we can help. Mount Vernon Chiropractic has been helping clients to live without pain for more than three decades. Dr. Brad Drake and our experienced staff are committed to crafting a personalized treatment method that will truly make a difference. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.